3. Optimization for 3D Printing After the 3D artist review, the 3D model still needs more work to make sure it is fit to go into a 3D printer. This includes running 3D printability checks on the 3D model, scaling the 3D model to the correct size and minimizing the amount of material needed to create the 3D printed figurine.
3D prints can be damaged by moisture, UV light, and breakage Treat your 3D print like a wine glass -- and keep it in a safe location where it will not be exposed to humidity/rain, sunlight (either direct or indirect), incandescent, or halogen light (or any light source that contains UV). LED light is safe for your print... and 3D prints are not toys and should not be given to children to play with!
3D prints will have build lines The 3D printing process leaves small striations on prints between layers -- this is totally normal and is generally unavoidable during the production process. The print you receive may have these "build lines" on it in random locations. Our production team does their best to avoid shipping prints with build lines on faces, but build lines on other parts of the body may be present when you receive your print.
FREE Basic 3D Photo Re-Touching See something that doesn't look quite right in the 3D scan? That's fine -- we'll touch it up prior to sending it to a full-color 3D printer. The "Basic" re-touching tier is included at no extra charge.
Circular White Base To help avoid damage from being knocked over, consider adding a circular white base to the bottom of your print. Available for prints up to 9" in height, this base can help to avoid unforeseen damage from a bumped table or shelf. Without a base, depending on your pose, your 3D print may be easily knocked over, which can cause serious unrepairable damage. The small cost of adding a base is inconsequential compared to the cost of a replacement 3D print! The circular white base is not available on all prints - contact us if you do not see the option but wish to purchase a circular white base for your print.
1. 3D Preview Model is Reprocessed at "Print Quality" Once a 3D printed figurine order is placed, the 3D Preview Model is reprocessed on high-powered servers. This process greatly enhances the quality of the 3D Preview Model and creates a 3D Print Quality Model.
Circle loading spinnerImage of a partial circle indicating "loading."
4. Full-Color 3D Printing The full-color 3D printing process takes anywhere from 2 to 20 hours depending the size and number of 3D printed figurines in the build.
2. 3D Artist Re-Touching The 3D Print Quality Model now needs to be reviewed by a 3D artist. A 3D artist uses specialized 3D software to fix problems that the reprocessing wasn’t able to fix.
6. 3D Print Removal and De-powdering After the 3D printed figurines have strengthened, it is safe to remove and depowder them. Once all the excess powder is removed the 3D printed figurines go through quality control. One in three 3D printed figurines usually needs reprinting or additional post processing before it can advance to the next step.
High-Definition (HD) 3D Photo Re-Touching Want the highest possible quality for your print? If so, choose HD re-touching and we'll have one of our highly-skilled artists work for an extended period of time on making your scan absolutely gorgeous before being sent to a printer. HD artists accentuate facial features, resolve major geometry issues (missing limbs), add hair texturization (streaks/shape detail on hair), and add to shape detailing across the model. HD re-touching is not available on all scans - contact us if you do not see the option but wish to purchase HD re-touching for your print.
FREE Waxed Sandstone Finish All prints are automatically waxed for a smoother finish. "Build lines" may be visible on the part in some places, showing how the printing process builds the model, layer by layer.
Circle loading spinnerImage of a partial circle indicating "loading."
Detail quality improves dramatically with larger size prints When placing an order for a print, it is important to understand that the larger a 3D print you order, the more detail you will see on the print. Due to resolution/DPI limitations of the printer itself, prints at a smaller size (e.g. 3") will have extremely limited detailing on them. If you order a much larger print (e.g. 9"), you will see far more detailing on the color texture of the print and the geometry/shape.
7. Coating Application (cyanoacrylate, wax) After depowdering, the 3D printed figurines are dipped in cyanoacrylate, then waxed. The cyanoacrylate further strengthens the 3D printed figurines and makes the colors more vibrant.
8. Pack & Ship Finally, the 3D printed figurines are matched with your order and packed into boxes before shipping.
5. 3D Print Drying After 3D printing the 3D printed figurines need to dry in a heated chamber for at least 1.5 hours. This strengthens the 3D prints and prevents them from breaking when they are removed from the full-color 3D printer.
Circle loading spinnerImage of a partial circle indicating "loading."
Production Process