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This is a family operated business that focuses on innovating, and pushing the boundaries of photography by utilizing a portable full body 3D scanner. The 3D scanner takes only a quarter of a second to produce a full color rendering that is then sent to our 3D printer for production. The production of each figurine from start to finish takes an approximation of three to four weeks with exception to holiday seasons. The finished product is then mailed directly to the lucky recipient. What makes Creat3D so incredible is that it’s a mobile 3D scanning business that offers endless possibilities beyond what a mere camera can do. A single person or a large group can enjoy the experience of creating a realistic full body miniature figurine. Creat3D figurines are exact replicas of what is captured in the 3D scanner. We can do traditional poses as well as the not so traditional. We can capture your favorite glam shot, a romantic proposal, a pregnancy during the different stages, a personalized cake topper, show off your tattoos, pets, team spirit, or family gatherings. Creat3D is the new way to display your cherished moments. This is where photography ends and 3D begins.
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